Case Studies

Read all about our latest partnerships and listen to some patient stories.

Spirit Digital and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust working collaboratively to empower patients to self manage conditions with digital remote monitoring

The Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has significantly increased the number of vulnerable patients across Leicestershire being digitally monitored at home, while also reducing the number of physical home visits needed, maximising local clinical resource and keeping patients out of hospital during COVID-19.

How remote monitoring is improving access to primary care for care home residents in Lincolnshire

Manor Care Centre’s ‘Virtual Ward’, enabled by CliniTouch Vie, is providing a safe way for carers and clinicians to manage patients during COVID-19.The solution includes a digital health platform and associated peripheral devices and allows allows real-time biometric and wellbeing data to be collected and entered into the digital platform for its residents by the patients’ carers in the home


Integrating CliniTouch Vie into our service: a clinicians view from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

A clinicians view on how working with Spirit to deliver training and integration support has enabled seamless integration of digital health into existing NHS pathways.

A patient story: Ruth's digital COPD lifeline

Ruth explains how CliniTouch is easy to use and how confident she feels to have it with her. the digital solution provides freedom and reassurance 24/7.

A patient story: Peter - Learning to stay out of hospital

Peter explains how using the CliniTouch Vie at home helps him monitor his conditions at home and helped him stay out of hospital and provides a a level of care that he didn’t have without the digital health solution.

Re-designing respiratory digital clinical pathways during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Professor Sudip Ghosh explains why and how Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust deployed remote monitoring to manage their COPD and heart failure patients. 

Deploying Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring during COVID-19

In this case study Professor Ghosh explains how and why Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust deployed remote monitoring to improve the management of COPD and heart failure patients, outlining the aims and outcomes from the initial 12-week pilot.

Remote monitoring solution allows better triage of patients in real-time

Dr Amit Rama, GP Clinical Lead at Leicester’s Rushey Mead Health Centre has been using Spirit Digital’s CliniTouch Vie (CTV) remote monitoring solution at two of the practice’s nearby care homes – Rushey Mead Manor Care Home and The New Wycliffe Home, since June 2020.

Delivering COVID-19 remote monitoring for symptomatic patients in primary and community care

Spirit’s CliniTouch Vie facilitates continuity of care and detection of early deterioration while freeing up clinical capacity through virtual, home and community support.

“Maximising resource while providing the best possible levels of clinical care for our vulnerable patients is vital at this current time. Digital technology to enhance care is the key to remotely connecting clinical staff with the most at-risk patients and delivering care to them whilst they are in the safety of their own homes. We are delighted to have partnered with Spirit Digital once again to provide this service. The team has worked around the clock in the last few weeks to rapidly expedite the delivery of their latest platform to support us.”

- Professor Sudip Ghosh, Clinical Director for Research and Specialist Services,

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust