Cost Savings

Technology enabled care helps people manage their COPD at home and keeps them out of hospital


Nearly 30,000 people die from COPD in the UK each year.

1.2 million

An estimated 1.2 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with COPD.


People with long-term conditions account for over 70% of all inpatient bed days.

The case for technology enabled care

There’s a shortage of clinicians, our population is ageing and more people have comorbidities. The situation is not sustainable.

CliniTouch Vie presents an opportunity to:
CTV Health Question iPad

Patient Self-management

CliniTouch Vie gives people with chronic COPD the confidence to manage the disease at home, and gives clinicians better information to enable remote support for these patients.

Patient Education

Bite-size resources written in line with NICE guidelines.

Vital Signs

Record accurate clinical measurements with Bluetooth devices.

Health Questions

Track changes in patient’s health and how they are feeling.


A recent study by Ghosh et al1 demonstrated that technology enabled care can reduce unplanned hospital admission rates for COPD patients who suffer from frequent exacerbations.
0 %
reduction in unscheduled COPD admissions
£ 0
absolute savings per patient enrolled
0 %
return on investment in CliniTouch Vie
1Ghosh S, O’Kelly N, Roberts EJ et al. Combined interventions for COPD admissions within an urban setting. BJHCM: 2016;3:122–131.

Return on Investment

For every £1 spent on CliniTouch Vie. £4.84 was returned in savings net of all costs2
2Ghosh, S., O’Kelly, N., Weir, A., Roberts, E.J., Barker, C. and Swift, J. A cost saving intervention for patients with severe breathlessness. British Journal of Healthcare Management 2018; 24:2-4.

Urgent Discharge

Support safe early assisted discharges at short notice. Release hospital beds and manage patients at home.

Care Homes

Connect carers with their patients’ GPs. Triage patient lists and see the right patients at the right time.

Community Caseload

Monitor patients' progress and vital signs. Keep them out of hospital, safely managing their health at home.​