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Are you looking to develop a digital solution within your clinical pathways to help you combat COVID-19 and reset, restore and recover services?

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Over the last few months, COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst in digitally transforming the NHS. In order to continue care and meet demand, primary care services across the United Kingdom transitioned from over 1 million face-to-face consultations a day to the majority being carried out virtually.

Additionally, ICSs and CCGs have adopted remote monitoring and digital solutions to look after those who are most vulnerable from the comfort of their own home, reducing hospital admissions and maximising resources. With the second wave now upon us, many argue that healthcare organisations must continue with this digital agenda long-term, delivering care through innovative technologies well into the future, as well as to help monitor the health of patients with long-COVID-19 symptoms.

With this extreme pressure, healthcare systems must find new ways to prevent exacerbations and stretch the capacity of healthcare systems. Digital health and remote monitoring systems help to connect patients with clinicians, and encourages collaborative working across a health economy to deliver better health outcomes.

So, how do you do it?

We want to support your digital health journey. The first step is a free digital health workshop. This one hour interactive session, suitable for 4–6 people from the same STP, ICS or CCG.

The review will help you to:

  • Identify where within your healthcare system you can best capitalise on digital opportunities
  • Identify the steps to implement a pathway incorporating a digital solution
  • Manage key stakeholders to ensure successful collaboration and positive engagement
  • Look at the ways remote monitoring can deliver health system benefits
  • Assess your specific opportunities and pain points
  • Understand the most appropriate implementation model that fits you
  • Work with our expert team to help you deliver change at scale

We will tailor the session to suit you and your organisation. 

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