Support patients to manage their condition at home and generate real-world evidence to show the value of your intervention.

Real World Evidence

Use patient recorded metrics and question sets to generate real-world data for the benefit of your intervention as part of your clinical trial, or to support your market access strategy.


Create insight from patient centric real-world data.

Vital Signs

Remotely monitor vital signs with Bluetooth devices, and general health with individual question sets.

Patient Education

Give patients a better understanding of their condition.

Self Management

Empower patients to self-manage and spot the early warning signs or exacerbations.

CliniTouch Vie is a proven and CE marked medical device that can be customised to meet your patients’ needs for remote monitoring, patient education and patient self-management.

Improving Outcomes

CliniTouch Vie proactively improves outcomes by reducing hospital admissions, enhancing case management capacity, preventing acute exacerbations, improving efficiency and collaboration and promoting patient self-management, all using cloud based technology.

Reduction in unplanned hospital admissions.

Enhanced case management capacity.

Proactive prevention of acute exacerbations.

Improve efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Empowers patients in self-care and wellbeing.

Promotes collaborative working around the patient.

Supports early discharge and care at home.

Digital technology is transforming the delivery of healthcare

Digital technology is being deployed at pace during the Covid-19 crisis and the advantages of safe and easy remote monitoring of large numbers of patients are being experienced first-hand by care professionals across the health service. Even after Covid-19 is over healthcare will never return to the way it was before. It is hard to imagine that digital technology won’t become centre stage in helping us care for patients in the future.

Dr. Richard Palin, Medical Director and Clinical Lead at Spirit Health

Want to commission digital services with your patient pathway?

We run workshops for NHS service and finance managers, commissioning and clinical leads on commissioning digital services to help them successfully introduce a new digital pathway. These workshops provide industry with an opportunity to:

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