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Digital Health

Using smart technology: stop neglecting and start caring for doctors’ wellbeing

The GMC report ‘Caring for doctors, caring for patients’ outlined that “Medicine is a tough job, but we make it far harder than it should be by neglecting the simple basics in caring for doctors’ wellbeing.” Our latest blog explores how digital innovation is no longer seen as something of the future and how the smarter use of technology must play a key role in the future of healthcare delivery.

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Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring – Paving the way for continuous, preventative care

It’s well known that the way the NHS manages long-term conditions is unsustainable. In this insight report, Simon Applebaum, managing director of Spirit Digital, explores how remote monitoring can play a crucial role in reengineering NHS pathways to help better manage vulnerable patients with long-terms conditions and pave the way for new models of continuous, preventative care.

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Healthy Ageing Forum: UK – Austria

On Thursday 26th November 2020, the Department for International Trade, UK Science & Innovation Network and British Embassy Vienna will partner to run a Healthy Ageing Forum: Harnessing the Power of Innovation to meet the Needs of an Ageing Society.

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