Jo Hingley


Care Beyond COVID: how the pandemic has changed the face of primary care

From providing educational resource to help empower patients to better manage their own conditions, to identifying and prioritising the patients that absolutely need to be seen and thereby easing the workforce burden faced by doctors, there is little doubt that digital will underpin primary care services well beyond the COVID pandemic.


Digital Technologies: an opportunity to make healthcare more inclusive

2020 saw a huge increase in the adoption of digital technologies within modern healthcare economies. From the adoption of video-based triage and GP-to-patient consultations within primary care, to remote monitoring for shielding and vulnerable patients, as well as those discharged early from hospital – both within their own homes and a care home setting, digital technologies have driven wide recognition that there is an alternative way to manage clinical caseloads.


Using smart technology: stop neglecting and start caring for doctors’ wellbeing

The GMC report ‘Caring for doctors, caring for patients’ outlined that “Medicine is a tough job, but we make it far harder than it should be by neglecting the simple basics in caring for doctors’ wellbeing.” Our latest blog explores how digital innovation is no longer seen as something of the future and how the smarter use of technology must play a key role in the future of healthcare delivery.