Case Study: Remote monitoring solution allows better triage of patients in real-time

In this case study, Dr Amit Rama, GP Clinical Lead at Leicester’s Rushey Mead Health Centre, shares his experience of using remote monitoring software, CliniTouch Vie, at two of his practice’s nearby care homes.

The study explores how CliniTouch Vie helped save time and healthcare resources at the Health Centre, while helping carers capture richer patient data.

“CliniTouch Vie asks the resident all the questions beforehand, which can make the consultation a lot quicker and more effective, giving me time back for care where it’s most needed. I have an average of 3 hours allocated to review patients from both care homes one day a week, and since using CliniTouch Vie, which highlights which patients have an acute problem to review, I am saving an estimated half an hour per care home.”

– Dr Amit Rama