Remote monitoring


Digital Technologies: an opportunity to make healthcare more inclusive

2020 saw a huge increase in the adoption of digital technologies within modern healthcare economies. From the adoption of video-based triage and GP-to-patient consultations within primary care, to remote monitoring for shielding and vulnerable patients, as well as those discharged early from hospital – both within their own homes and a care home setting, digital technologies have driven wide recognition that there is an alternative way to manage clinical caseloads.

Remote Monitoring – Paving the way for continuous, preventative care

It’s well known that the way the NHS manages long-term conditions is unsustainable. In this insight report, Simon Applebaum, managing director of Spirit Digital, explores how remote monitoring can play a crucial role in reengineering NHS pathways to help better manage vulnerable patients with long-terms conditions and pave the way for new models of continuous, preventative care.