East Midlands AHSN digital accelerator programme selects Spirit Digital’s digital health solution to help extend care access, improve quality and empower patients to better self-manage

A new NHS digital health accelerator launched yesterday, as part of the largest push yet to rapidly increase the speed of digital health products take up in the NHS.  

After a highly competitive process, Spirit Digital and its digital solution (CliniTouch Vie) is proud to announce that it has been selected on to the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator programme. 

The East Midlands accelerator is one of five launching across England – building on the successful DigitalHealth.London Accelerator.  The schemes are run by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), the innovation arm of the NHS, and their partners, and launch today in London, Manchester, the South West, East Midlands, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. It is the first time it has operated beyond London, where a successful accelerator has been running for two years, saving in excess of £50 million for the NHS  

Launched on the 12th September 2018, the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator programme has been created to speed up the adoption of technology within the NHS and support innovative digital health businesses. Following its successful application, Spirit Digital’s CliniTouch Vie cloud-based platform will be supported through the programme to help tackle the NHS’s most pressing challenges – relieving high pressure on services and empowering patients with long-term conditions to better manage their health and stay out of hospital. 

CE marked, CliniTouch Vie is a healthcare platform that enables patients and healthcare providers to better manage long-term conditions, such as COPD, heart failure and diabetes, from the comfort of the patient’s home. Installed as a locked-down tablet with integrated 3G for intensive monitoring, education and empowerment with integrated direct messaging and video support, it is proven to increase patient access to care and promote greater clinician-patient collaboration for the 15 million people in the UK diagnosed with long term conditions. The device’s dynamic care plans and evidence-based algorithms enable automated triage for healthcare teams and support timely, proactive intervention. Proven results indicate improved, sustainable long-term health outcomes for its patients – reducing emergency hospital admissions by up to 67% and saving NHS resources. 

Through participation in the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator Programme, Spirit Digital will receive individual support alongside the opportunity to connect with NHS stakeholders, industry investors, patients and other health tech innovators. The programme also provides inclusion in one-to-one clinics, workshops and training sessions such as a “meet the expert” programme, all of which are delivered by the Accelerator and its clinical, topical, and business experts.  

Emma-Jane Roberts, Managing Director at Spirit Digital, comments: “We are thrilled that CliniTouch Vie has been recognised as a digital health innovation by the East Midlands Digital Health Accelerator Programme. The opportunity presented by the programme will aid us in our goal to design, develop and deliver technology-enabled care services that will make better use of clinical resource, improve costs and empower patients to improve the management of their conditions.” 

Nick Brown, Commercial Manager, East Midlands Academic Health Science Network, adds: “We’re pleased to welcome Spirit Digital in joining other digital innovators and like-minded businesses across the UK to the digital health ecosystem we’re building. Our aim is to ensure that thousands of people across the East Midlands benefit from latest technologies to improve their health and that high potential companies grow faster, supporting economic growth in the area. Spirit Digital was able to demonstrate a proven digital solution and a promising business model that we feel has huge potential to help improve the wider health economy across the region.” 

About Spirit Health Group 

Working in partnership with patients, the NHS and local government, Spirit adopts a collaborative approach that: 

  • Educates and empowers patients to increase the value of self-care 
  • Facilitates improvements in primary care delivery 
  • Delivers substantial savings on prescribing expenditure 
  • Provides lifestyle services to supportbehaviour change 
  • Utilises proprietary digital platform and wearable technology to deliver reductions in hospital admissions

Spirit Digital  

The digital division is a clinically knowledgeable, evidence-based, patient-centric service, which is designing, developing and delivering Technology Enabled Care Services through a cloud-based digital connected care platform.  By implementing CliniTouch Vie into care pathways to improve healthcare cost efficiencies, Spirit Digital helps to reduce healthcare reliance and distress and discomfort from conditions exacerbations and has demonstrated a 67% reduction in unplanned respiratory admissions.  

Spirit Clinical Services 

With an emphasis on clinical outcomes, Spirit’s fully managed clinical service delivery focuses on the improved delivery of primary care and the provision of long-term condition management and lifestyle services, empowering people to take control of their health. 99% of people would recommend Spirit’s cost effective, nationally accredited long-term condition management programmes to their friends and family. 

Spirit Healthcare 

Spirit’s prescribing efficiency programmes showcase a different approach to medicine optimisation, with proven, auditable outcomes. By providing the resource to deliver an active approach to formulary adoption, supporting clinicians and patients alike, the Spirit model has driven 700% greater savings in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes than more traditional approaches, without compromising on quality.