Public Project Policy report: Accelerating Digital Healthcare

We are delighted to have contributed to the Public Project Policy (PPP) report ‘Accelerating Digital Healthcare: How the rapid uptake of digital services as a result of the pandemic can transform UK healthcare’.

PPP is an independent organisation that brings together public and private sector leaders, commentators and policy makers with an interest in the future of public policy. They produce reports and white papers, and organise roundtables and conferences for the NHS, government, private and public companies.

Stephen Dorrell, Chair at Dorson Group, introduced the report…

“We have talked for years about how digital technology creates the opportunity to reshape healthcare…(it’s) often been a particular source of frustration that the NHS…has been slow to apply digital technology to its core objective of targeting resources at need. We can all agree that we must “build back better”; this White Paper makes some clear recommendations, based on real-world evidence, about how to do that.”

This whitepaper consulted with digital providers, innovators and Chief Information Officers to make a series of recommendations to optimise clinical services and healthcare provision. Our Managing Director, Simon Applebaum, represented Spirit Digital and collaborated with PPP to share our insights on how digital technology can transform the delivery of healthcare for patients with long-term conditions.

Our Case Study

Drawing conclusions from multiple case studies, the report details how the NHS can “build back better” in response to the pandemic and other challenges.

Our case study tells the story of our collaboration with Leicester Partnership NHS Trust and our mission to empower patients to self-manage conditions with digital remote monitoring. The study explains how we supported respiratory and heart failure patients in and around Leicester who have been discharged earlier than usual due to COVID-19.

By helping patients stay out of hospital and enabling clinicians to better manage their time and resources, the projected savings over the next 6 months is £80,000.

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