Receiving recognition for excellence in the HTN Now Awards

The HTN Now Awards share and celebrate innovation from healthcare teams and tech suppliers. We are finalists in two categories this year:

  • Excellence in Remote Monitoring
  • Excellence in Digital Pathways

We went on to be highly commended in the Excellence in Digital Pathways category.

We love it when amazing healthcare organisations win awards. It’s a time to applaud the dedication, commitment and sheer hard work that is the backbone of the NHS. And that’s especially so right now. Many of this year’s finalists formed brilliant responses to COVID-19 care. It is humbling to get a mention in the same breath as these frontline healthcare teams.

Our inclusion in the awards is down to CliniTouch Vie – an innovative digital health solution that is enabling safe and responsive care during the pandemic.

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust uses CliniTouch Vie for remote patient monitoring. During the first lockdown, it helped them care for heart failure and respiratory patients. The trust also monitored people discharged early due to the pandemic.

  • We delivered a solution ahead of plans to help the NHS with its COVID-19 response.
  • Medical teams can identify health deterioration earlier and intervene sooner.
  • The trust is reducing face-to-face contact and increasing caseload capacity.

The trust now has a CliniTouch Vie virtual ward for COVID-19 patients. It monitors symptomatic patients post-discharge from hospital and people with mild to moderate oxygen desaturation levels that do not require hospitalisation. Clinical teams can track patients’ progress and allow them to recover safely at home.

In Leicestershire, CliniTouch Vie enables remote access to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation too. This is a supervised programme that includes breathing techniques, health education and exercise training for patients with heart failure and numerous lung conditions.

Simon Applebaum, Managing Director, Spirit Digital, said:

“It’s fantastic to be a finalist in the HTN Now Awards. As our battle against COVID-19 continues, we must support frontline workers and vulnerable patients. We are proud to help the NHS provide safe and responsive care for those who need it most.”