Research: Virtual ward increased hospital respiratory ward capacity by 40% in the midst of pandemic bed crisis

Senior woman sat in armchair with one hand on chest as she looks at tablet computer

Our latest research has revealed the success of a virtual ward in assisting with earlier discharges and reducing clinically necessary re-admissions for patients admitted with COVID-19 – without compromising on patient safety.

Spirit Health Group, in collaboration with Leicestershire Partnership Trust and De Montfort University, co-designed the study as an early evaluation of the clinical and economic outcomes of a digital pathway, allowing patients to be discharged from acute hospital care and monitored within a community setting by a specialised team.

The study followed 65 patients after their discharge from hospital with COVID-19 symptoms, as they completed their recovery in a virtual ward using CliniTouch Vie.

Read the full study:
The implementation of a virtual ward using digital solutions informing community clinicians in early supported discharge of patients with SARSCov2 respiratory symptoms from an acute hospital setting by Swift J, Harris Z, Woodward A, O’Kelly NI, Barker C and Ghosh S.

Find out more about how a CliniTouch Vie virtual ward can support safe, early discharge from hospital, or get in touch for more information about how we can help you to offer a virtual ward.

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