Postoperative Remote Monitoring

Technology enabled care involves patients in their own care and encourages better self-management. It facilitates earlier discharge, prevents readmission and reduces the risk of future exacerbation.


A recent study investigated the feasibility of remote monitoring during the postoperative period after elective colorectal surgery1. Specifically, it looked at the accuracy of patient recorded measurements using CliniTouch Vie and Bluetooth devices. Organisations involved in the study included:
  • Department of Surgery and Cancer at St Mark’s Hospital and Academic Institute, Harrow
  • Department of Cancer and Surgery at Imperial College, London
  • Health and Life Sciences Department at De Montfort University, Leicester

Remote Monitoring

Patients regularly measured physiological parameters using CliniTouch Vie and Bluetooth devices. This data was compared to nurse measured readings.


Blood Pressure

Oxygen Saturation

“This pilot study has shown that there is no significant bias or difference between patient or nurse measurements with respect to blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturations. Remote monitoring is technically feasible.”1
1Faiz O, Nachiappan S, Anele C, Roberts EJ, Barker C. An observational study to assess the feasibility of remote monitoring of patients in the early postoperative period after elective surgery. Digit Med 2018;4:133-41.

CliniTouch Vie is a 24/7 real time virtual ward in a box, which is quick and easy to mobilise and can be personalised to meet the needs of individual patients.

CliniTouch Covid-19 Response


  • See when a patient’s health changes to proactively intervene
  • Reduce hospital admissions and keep patients out of hospital
  • Interact with patients with messaging and video calls

Urgent Discharge

Support safe early assisted discharges at short notice. Release hospital beds and manage patients at home.

Care Homes

Connect carers with their patients’ GPs. Triage patient lists and see the right patients at the right time.

Community Caseload

Monitor patients' progress and vital signs. Keep them out of hospital, safely managing their health at home.