[Workshop] Remote Monitoring Made Easy

How can GPs and care homes work more collaboratively?

Remote monitoring care home residents

NHS England’s Enhanced Health in Care Home’s Directed Enhanced Service (DES) is helping to fund the adoption of technology to deliver care and virtual wards. 

This adoption continues to be a key priority to help clinical teams manage care home residents more efficiently and improve outcomes. Implementing a digital pathway such as remote monitoring will help deliver a number of benefits:

  • Access to primary care will be widened improving capacity to deliver care
  • Virtual wards provide a safer way to deliver care during COVID-19
  • Vital signs can be tracked and frailty monitored to allow for the prioritisation of residents who may need care
  • Carers are empowered to support residents’ care and able to take appropriate escalation measures when necessary

So, how do you do it? We’re offering places at a FREE one hour interactive workshop, suitable for 4-6 people from the same CCG, PCN, GP Practice or care home provider or across an entire health economy.

Why book a place?

  • Understand more about how the DES funding can cover the costs of the technology
  • Help you identify the steps to implement the new pathway
  • Manage key stakeholders to ensure successful collaboration and positive engagement
  • Assess your specific opportunities and pain points
  • Look at the ways remote monitoring can add value
  • Understand the most appropriate implementation model that fits you

Each workshop participant will receive a personalised digital health report to help you progress the new digital clinical pathway at your organisation.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at info@spirit-digital.co.uk.

Book your workshop to discover how GPs and care homes can work in collaboration and spot treatable deterioration in care home residents sooner. Workshop availability is limited, so please book soon.

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Remote Monitoring Made Easy

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Each workshop participant will receive a personalised digital health report.

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