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Support safe early assisted discharges at short notice. Release hospital beds and manage patients at home.

Virtual Ward Monitoring in a Box

CliniTouch Vie is a digital health system that connects clinical teams with their vulnerable patients after they leave hospital. It tells clinicians when a patient’s health changes, so they can intervene earlier, reduce re-admissions and keep patients out of hospital.

  • Track vital signs and know when patients feel unwell
  • Stay in touch with patients post-discharge
  • Know when to intervene. See the right patients at the right time
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Ghosh, S., O’Kelly, N., Roberts, E., Barker, C. and Swift, J., 2016. Combined interventions for COPD admissions within an urban setting. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 22(3), pp.123-131.

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Clinical teams track vital signs and know when their patients’ health changes or feel unwell.

Patients have daily health monitoring goals:

  • Recording accurate clinical measurements such as temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure and weight using Bluetooth devices.
  • Answering clinically validated questions to track symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, tiredness and fluid retention.

Clinical teams view patient lists that are prioritised with red/amber/green status, making it easy to triage and see the right patients at the right time.


Know when a patient’s health changes. Intervene sooner to reduce the risk of readmission to hospital.

  • Intelligent algorithms assess each patient’s vital signs and health status to calculate their health risks
  • The clinician’s view includes a prioritised and triaged caseload, clearly showing the risk level for each patient

Clinical teams receive alerts when a patient’s health declines, or vital signs are outside a safe range

CliniTouch Caseload
CliniTouch Video Call


CliniTouch connects patients at home with their clinical team. Communicate with patients at any time, from any location.

  • Built-in messaging is a fast and easy way to ask and reply to non-urgent questions, and to reassure patients about their health
  • Virtual video consultations can reduce the pressure for community teams to visit patients at home
  • Educational modules empower patients to self-care

“Beforehand, I was managing, but not as well as when I had CliniTouch Vie. It’s like having our nurse in the house with us, which gives us so much more confidence.”

Peter, aged 67


Why We're Interested in Digital Health Solutions

Professor Sudip Ghosh, Clinical Director for Research and Specialist Services, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Professor Sudip Ghosh
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We can configure secure CliniTouch Vie tablets for individual patients, so they have everything they need to take home with them when they leave hospital.

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